Rock Bolts ( Roof Bolts)

Roof bolting follows the principle of fastening the loose rocks near the surface to the solid rock above, by means of anchor bolts, instead of supporting it from below. Rock Bolts not only support the surface rock but also assist it to act as a load carrying element.
   Types of Rock Bolts :
 - Mechanically Anchored, Tensioned and Grouted Bolts.
   These Rock Bolts are threaded on both ends, with the provision of fastening an Expansion Shell on one end and Bearing plate and nut on the other. These type of bolts can be tensioned immediately after installation.

-  Resin Grouted, Tensioned Threaded Bar Bolts

   These Rock Bolts are threaded on one side and conically beveled at other. These bolts are used where resin capsules are used for high strength anchorage in poor quality rocks.  

                             Accessories of Rock Bolts:-

Bearing Plates
Bevel Washers
M. S. Nuts
Expansion Shells


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