The complete specifications of the Rock Bolts being produced by us are:-

Rock Bolts         As per IS: 1786

MATERIAL USED         : S.A.I.L.’s T.M.T Fe 415 OR 500

SIZE                               : 25mm, 32mm & 36mm
LENGTH                        : from 3m to 9m long
THREAD                        : M24, M30, M33 & M36
                                       (Left & Right Hand Thread)

One end is threaded as per the requirement and other Concentrically Bevelled upto 2”

Bearing Plate      As per IS : 2062       

SIZE                           :150mm X 150mm X 10mm,
                                   200mm x 200mm x 12mm
                                   200mm x 200mm x 16mm
BORE                         :28mm, 34mm, 38mm

Nuts                           As per IS : 1367

SIZE                                                : M24, M30, M33, M36

Bevel Washers                 Size                                  :- O.D 45mm, I.D 28mm
                                                                                   :-  O.D 55mm, I.D 34mm
                                                                                   :- O.D 55mm,  I.D 38mm
                                      Thickness                             One end 14mm other 11 mm

Expansion Shell:-      
                                     for 25mm Rock Bolt              Tensile Strength 15 Tons
                                     For 32mm Rock Bolts            Tensile Strength 24 Tons
                                     For 36mm Rock Bolts            Tensile Strength 30 Tons.    

Couplers / Spacers / Centralizers  :-   Yield Strength > 125% of the TMT Bar
                                    For 25mm Rock Bolt            O.D 45mm, Length 8”
                                    For 33mm Rock Bolt            O.D 50mm, Length 8”
                                    For 36mm Rock Bolt            O.D 55mm, Length 8”                    


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